The public commenting period for Pennsylvania’s adoption of the 2021 International Codes has been re-opened.  Additional applications to serve on a Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) are also being accepted.

Comment submissions have reopened for any section of the 2021 code. Your submission requires the following information:

  • The general section of ICC on which you’re commenting. 
  • The chapter and specific section or ICC charge number. 

Please submit your comment by May 31, 2023 using the Public Comment Form

Submissions for participation on the Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) to review a particular portion of the 2021 Code have also reopened. To submit your application, please complete the TAC Application Form by August 30, 2023.   (Please note: You are required to upload a resume in PDF format as part of your application.) More information — as well as the list of 2021 RAC Changed Sections, Proposed Additional Sections, and the overall Code Adoption Timeline — is available on the UCC RAC website.