About Us


The Pennsylvania Building Officials Conference’s (PENNBOC) mission is to provide quality educational events for code officials, contractos and all others interested in establishing and enjoying a safe built environment.  PENNBOC promotes the professionalism of Pennsylvania code officials through education, an annual conference and the activities and support of regional (local) chapters. PENNBOC fosters uniform implementation of the codes in every jurisdiction by every code official. Because of these core programs, PENNBOC has been recognized by the IRS as a 501 c (iii) charitable tax exempt organization.

PENNBOC’s members are code enforcement professionals who may be employed by municipalities or third party inspection agencies.  Contractors, manufacturers of building and construction products and materials and design professionals are all welcome to join and benefit from PENNBOC’s activities and programs. Most chapters offer training at significantly reduced cost.



In 1958, the organizational efforts of a group of Delaware Valley building officials formed to share common objectives and to promote professionalism. In order to establish a common bond among building officials throughout the Commonwealth, the birth of PENNBOC was achieved in 1959.

In 1962, PENNBOC received the distinction and honor of being the first chartered chapter of the Building Officials and Code Administrators International or BOCA. Again in 2002, PENNBOC expanded its involvement in the community of code professionals becoming a Chapter of the International Code Council (ICC).

In 2011, PENNBOC was instrumental in helping to form a coalition of all twelve ICC chartered chapters in the Commonwealth. The PA ICC Chapter Coalition, PIC 4,  became necessary to coordinate participation of our ICC chapters within ICC Region VII, which encompasses the mid-Atlantic states.

The Memorandum of Understanding that established PIC 4 and guides its operation was amended in January 2013 to formalize registration fee reciprocity for each chapter’s educational efforts, and to encourage cooperative scheduling of chapter events.

Now in place is a framework that extends “member rates” to any chapter member when registering for any other chapter’s training events.  It is hoped that these first steps in collaboration will be the gateway to more effective communications and other cooperative projects.



Days after the ICC announced a Preferred (Training) Provider Program, PENNBOC became part of the P(T)PPP Network.  Network participation makes PENNBOC continuing ed training offerings more valuable to its members.  PENNBOC has established an umbrella service enabling all cooperating Chapters to easily participate in the P(T)PP.


Bylaws & Policies

PENNBOC’s current bylaws were approved September 21, 2022.  You can download a copy here.

Within the framework of the Bylaws, the Board has, from time to time, found it necessary to establish “Policies” that guide the implementation of Bylaws provisions or PENNBOC programs. Although unstated, these policies may also stipulate “procedures” that are implemented to bring life to Policies.

Policies are intended to add clarification, uniformity of implementation, and provide a clear declaration of the Board’s intentions regarding PENNBOC activities and operations.  Unlike Bylaws, the Policies are somewhat more easily established and, if necessary, modified.



If your organization requires a W9 Form, you can download PENNBOC’s W9 here.

PENNBOC most recent Form 990 filing with the IRS can be accessed here.