Pennsylvania’s UCC Review & Advisory Council (RAC) has initiated its review of the 2018 I-codes for adoption in the Commonwealth.  The RAC is charged with reviewing the most recent triennial building code updates published by the ICC and reporting to the Department of Labor & Industry which updates should be adopted as part of Pennsylvania’s Uniform Construction Code.

It is anticipated that the 120-day public comment period for the 2018 I-code will open on June 13th. RAC will receive public comment via an online, fillable form available on its website.

As part of its review process, the RAC also relies on Technical Advisory Committees (TACs).  TACs focus on specific sections of the code and make recommendations to the RAC. If you are interested in serving on a TAC, there will also be an application available on the RAC website on June 13th.  Applications will be accepted for 30 days.

Visit the RAC website here.  Public comment and TAC application forms should be available June 13th