If you are not receiving PENNBOC’s email that are sent out to the full membership (i.e., “blast” emails), and you have verified that your membership is current and our offices have your correct email address, you likely need to “white list” the email address. It could be simply ending up in your email client’s (e.g., Outlook) spam folder or promotions folder (Gmail). If it is not there, it is likely being flagged as spam by your email server and not getting delivered to your email client (e.g., Outlook). You will need to whitelist the address with your email server. Your IT department can help you with this — it resolves most of the issues.

If you don’t have an IT department and manage your office technology yourself, you can read an article HERE about how to White List email addresses on Office 365. You will want to indicate the email address as pennbochq@gmail.com as the sender — that is the address we use to distribute blast emails via Mail Chimp. Mail Chimp also has info on whitelisting its services HERE.