On July 11, 2022, Governor Wolf signed HB 2157, which then became Act 74 of 2022

It amends the regulations that allowed widespread use of consumer fireworks in PA and was intended to reduce noise nuisances and fire hazards.  Notable provisions include:

  • Section 1102 requires that a municipal permit for use of display fireworks be granted under reasonable rules and regulations.  Some jurisdictions have the standards and procedures in place via the IFC.  Some have created a permit fee in their fee schedule for pyrotechnics, special effects, and sale of fireworks.
  • Section 1106 allows municipalities to enact regulations for use of consumer fireworks that are not in conflict with the state regulations.  This includes requiring a permit to set off consumer fireworks.  A municipality could consider establishing permit requirements that would include verification that a location at least 150 ‘ from vehicles, occupied structures and buildings sheltering animals is available on subject property.  A municipality may also want to consider limiting days of the year and hours of the day that consumer fireworks may be used.
  • Section 1107 requires a license from PA Agriculture Department for any establishment selling consumer fireworks.  Sales may only occur from a stand-alone, permanent structure that is PA UCC-compliant.  No more pop-up fireworks tents.
  • Section 1113 provides annual allocations from fireworks tax revenues for EMS grants, fire training, etc.