The Disaster Recovery Reform Act of 2018 allows communities to use FEMA Public Assistance funding for Building Code and Floodplain Management Enforcement after a federally declared disaster.

For more information: FEMA Policy FP 204-079-01
Building Code and Floodplain Management Administration and Enforcement


  • Applicants must report all disaster impacts to FEMA, according to standard Public Assistance procedures, within 60 days of the Recovery Scoping Meeting.
  • Eligible costs will be funded at the Permanent Work cost-share applicable to the disaster.
  • Costs will be eligible for reimbursement for a period no longer than 180 days after the date of the major disaster declaration.
  • In general, work is eligible if it is consistent with the work normally done by the community to administer and enforce building codes and floodplain management ordinances.


Building Code Administration

  • Review and process applications for building permits; certificates of occupancy; certificates of compliance; and the associated plans, specifications, and construction documents for compliance with federal, state, and municipal building, housing, and life-safety codes and standards applicable to disaster-related repair, replacement, or retrofit.
  • Process requests for building code variances.
  • Collect fees.
  • Hire, train, supervise, certify, and license staff, as required to conduct eligible activities.
  • Contract for services (e.g., contract planning, initiation, solicitation, evaluation, and award).
  • Provide training and information to staff, contractors, and the public on unique considerations for repair of disaster-damaged historic buildings.
  • Provide training and outreach to the public on building code and building permit requirements applicable to the repair, replacement, or retrofit of disaster-damaged buildings.
  • Establish construction plan review and inspection processes, procedures, and instructions for permit holders.
  • Monitor impacted areas for unpermitted construction activities.
  • Coordinate building code administration and enforcement with floodplain management ordinance administration and enforcement, as appropriate.

Code Enforcement

  • Inspect structures under construction for compliance with approved plans, specifications, and all requirements of applicable codes, laws, and ordinances.
  • Identify and carry out corrective action in cases where construction, design, and occupancy do not comply with codes and/or ordinances.
  • Conduct and process condemnation determinations.
  • Review and issue elevation certificates.
  • Investigate complaints and assist in preparation of materials for abating violations of building codes and related ordinances.

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