During the 2022 Annual Membership Meeting held September 21, 2022, in Bethlehem, PA, James Lucas was recognized as PENNBOC’s 2022 Pat Campanella “Code Official of the Year.” Please see the nominating letter below.

PENNBOC President Walter Schneider (l) presenting James Lucas (r) with the 2022 Pat Campanella “Code Official of the Year” plaque.

President Schneider,

I write to you today to formally submit a nomination for the Pat Campanella “Code Official of the Year” Award. It is my opinion we need to recognize our members for their outstanding service. The Pat Campanella “Code Official of the Year” Award is an honor rarely presented. As you may be aware, Pat was an asset to our organization in the early years of PENNBOC. He was widely known for his success in promoting membership in the organization as well as our ultimate mission, to provide quality education and training to our members.

I would like to nominate Mr. James Lucas for the board’s consideration of this award. Jim has been a member of PENNBOC for many years. He has held numerous Regional Offices within PENNBOC over the years. Jim has been on the PENNBOC State Board of Directors for 12 years. Jim has served the State board as Second, and First Vice Presidents, President, and Past President. In addition to the offices held, Jim has also been a long-standing member of the State Education Committee. In Jim’s tenure on the Education Committee, he has promoted more innovative and up to date training for our members.

Jim’s service to the Code world does not stop with PENNBOC. Jim is a mentor and guides new code officials in his area. Jim is well respected by his peers as well as the community he serves. Jim’s dedication does not stop with PENNBOC. Jim is a strong community leader demonstrated by his commitment to the Boy Scouts of America and being a first responder.

Jim is highly active with the Boy Scouts of America and has personally achieved the rank of Eagle Scout. Jim’s Boy Scout Leadership includes Assistant Cubmaster, Assistant Scoutmaster, District Committee Member, Unit Commissioner and Religious Emblems Coordinator. Since 2014 Jim is a Board member for the District Eagle Review Board.

Jim has earned the District St. John Seumann Emblem Leadership Award and the National St George Emblem Leadership
Award. Jim community service and leadership is an asset in his role as a first responder and mentor to the junior first responders in his community. Jim has been a Volunteer Fire Fighter and Emergency Medical Technician for more than 25 years, while serving ten of those years as a Volunteer Fire Chief.

Jim’s commitment and dedication along with his strong leadership qualities make Jim an asset of any organization. It is
an honor to have Jim as a member of PENNBOC.

William J. Yeagley