Today, Pennsylvania’s UCC Review & Advisory Council (“RAC”) has approved the 2018 I-codes. As part of the Commonwealth’s building code adoption process, the RAC’s has submitted its final report to the Secretary of Labor & Industry for promulgation as the new statewide building code.

The RAC is charged with reviewing the most recent triennial building code updates published by the International Code Council (ICC). The Pennsylvania Construction Code Act (“PCCA“) requires the RAC to submit a report to Labor & Industry’s Secretary, within a prescribed timeline, specifying the updates that are to be adopted as part of Pennsylvania’s UCC.

When the RAC’s final report regarding the 2018 I-Codes becomes available to the public, we will forward you a link.  Or, you can visit the RAC’s website.  The report’s release is anticipated in the next few days. [UPDATE: the final RAC report to the Department of Labor and Industry detailing the review of the 2018 International Codes is available here.]

The Department of Labor and Industry must, within three months of receiving the RAC’s report, promulgate final-omitted regulations under the Act, to adopt the triennial ICC Codes specified by the report as Pennsylvania’s Uniform Construction Code. The Department has no discretion to vary from the Council’s report in the drafting of the regulations.