The Pennsylvania manufactured housing program is transitioning from the PA Installer Certification to the HUD Installers License. 

Currently the PA Certificate of Compliance can be completed by either a PA certified installer OR a HUD licensed installer.  Current PA Certified installers are encouraged to attend a HUD license training session before their certification expires. The transition period will end on 10/1/2020.

To obtain the HUD License as a manufactured home installer, please refer to the Manufactured Home Installation Program website.  Additional training for the HUD Installers License has been scheduled through thePA Manufactured Housing Association.

DCED works in cooperation with the US Dept. of Housing & Urban Development (HUD) and municipal code officials to assure all manufactured homes installed in Pennsylvania comply with all applicable requirements. HUD establishes the construction standards and enforcement regulations for new manufactured homes, as the State Administrative Agency, DCED enforces these requirements in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

Pennsylvania under the HUD installation program requires a HUD Manufactured Home Installers License to certify every manufactured home installation. The licensed installer certifies that every manufactured home installed in Pennsylvania complies with the manufacturer’s approved installation instructions or the Pennsylvania Guide for Relocated Manufactured Homes.

After finishing the installation, the HUD licensed installer must provide a completed HUD Form 309 to the purchaser and the retailer, and maintain a copy. A completed copy must be provided to the local code official in order to receive the certificate of occupancy.  Form HUD 309 will be required beginning 10/1/2020. 

Visit PA DCDE’s Manufactured Housing website for full details.