The guidance environment on construction activities — as well as many other aspects of operating in the COVID-19 “new normal” — is fluid and subject to frequent change.

Be sure you check the construction guidelines and the associated FAQs frequently for possible changes and/or fine-tuning of policy. Visit them HERE. For example…

​Will townhome construction sites allow four workers per unit?

​For townhouses and duplexes under one roof, the four-worker limitation is in place until the dividing fire separation wall is erected separating each residential unit. Once the wall is erect, then each residential unit is limited to four workers and must adhere to the restrictions enumerated in the construction guidance. 

Do worker limits apply to work being done on the exterior of the property? (e.g, no more than four persons on a residential job site)

Work being conducted to the exterior of the project may utilize additional workers and does not count towards the worker limitations for that jobsite.  This applies to both residential and commercial projects.