As everyone is adjusting their lives in response to the COVID-19 virus, some PENNBOC members have inquired how best to handle their public function.  Many jurisdictions have already established local policies on how they will approach permitting and inspections; but, whatever policy your office opts to develop should be done in consultation with your local municipal leaders and your solicitor.

Based upon the best information available to us, PENNBOC can share the following details:

  • Under Governor Wolf’s COVID-19 guidance, construction is considered an “essential” activity
  • Pennsylvania’s Department of Labor & Industry has suspended reoccurring inspections but continues to inspect new construction
  • The time limit deadline requirements (e.g., 5-, 15-, 30-days) have not been suspended

As we all undoubtedly realize, this current environment is very fluid and new developments or restrictions may impact what is & what isn’t currently allowed.  Whatever approach your municipality chooses, it is PENNBOC’s sincere hope that your health as well as that of your co-workers and the public you serve are a central consideration in your local policy.