Whereas, our ICC Chapter is committed to recognizing that our growth and strength depends on the safety and economic value of the homes, buildings and infrastructure that serve our citizens, both in everyday life and in times of disaster, and;

Whereas, our confidence in the resilience of these buildings that make up our community is achieved through the devotion of vigilant guardians––building safety and fire prevention officials, architects, engineers, builders, tradespeople, design professionals, laborers, plumbers and others in the construction industry––who work year round to ensure the safe construction of buildings, and;

Whereas, these guardians are dedicated members of the International Code Council, a nonprofit that brings together local, state and federal officials that are experts in the built environment to create and implement the highest-quality codes to protect us in the buildings where we live, learn, work, play, and;

Whereas, our nation benefits economically and technologically from using the International Codes that are developed by a national, voluntary consensus codes and standards developing organization, our government is able to avoid the high cost and complexity of developing and maintaining these codes, which are the most widely adopted building safety and fire prevention codes in the world;

Whereas, these modern building codes include safeguards to protect the public from hazards such as hurricanes, snowstorms, tornadoes, wildland fires, floods and earthquakes, and;

Whereas, Building Safety Month is sponsored by the International Code Council to remind the public about the critical role of our communities’ largely unknown protectors of public safety––our local code officials––who assure us of safe, sustainable, energy efficient and livable buildings that are essential to America’s prosperity, and;

Whereas, “Prevent, Prepare, Protect. Building Codes Save,” the theme for Building Safety Month 2021, encourages all Americans to raise awareness about the importance of safe and resilient construction; fire prevention; disaster mitigation, energy conservation; water safety; training the next generation; and new technologies in the construction industry.

Whereas, each year, in observance of Building Safety Month, people all over the world are asked to consider the commitment to improve building safety, resilience and economic investment at home and in the community, and to acknowledge the essential service provided to all of us by local and state building departments, fire prevention bureaus and federal agencies in protecting lives and property.

NOW, THEREFORE, I, William Yeagley, President of the ICC Chapter Pennsylvania Building Officials Conference, do hereby proclaim the month of May 2021 as Building Safety Month. Accordingly, I encourage our citizens to join with their communities in participation in Building Safety Month activities.

Have your jurisdiction join PENNBOC in declaring May “Building Safety Month” via the ICC website HERE.