Walt Schneider (l) with Pres. Bill Yeagley (r)

PENNBOC is pleased to announce that Walter Schneider is the “2020 Pat Campanella Code Official of the Year” award recipient. The award was presented by PENNBOC President Bill Yeagley at the November 5, 2020 Board of Directors’ meeting.

In his nomination of Walt for this award, Past President Jim Lucas wrote: “Pat Campanella was an asset to our organization in the early years of PennBOC.  He was most known for his efforts in promoting the organization’s membership as well as our ultimate mission, to provide education to our members. 

“That being said, I would like to nominate Mr. Walter Schneider for consideration of the Code Official of the Year award that bears Pat’s name.  Over the past few years Walt has taken on leadership roles at the state organization level, he has been involved with the PA Uniform Construction Code RAC as well as provided outstanding service to the many communities of the Centre Region Council of Governments in the State College area. 

“Walt has definitely had an impact on training and education not only as an education committee member over the last few conferences but as an educator for our organization as well.  Many of our courses were not only developed by him but were also presented by him.  This proves true again today, as we were forced to make the difficult decision to cancel our conference due to the Pandemic.   Mr. Schneider assisted with developing course syllabus and delivered multiple courses virtually in the efforts of providing education to our members but also to keep revenue coming into the organization during these budget straining times.  

“With regards to local and state involvement within the organization, Walt has served the State Board as both Second and First Vice President and is slated to be nominated to serve as President in the upcoming election year.  Walt’s dedication doesn’t stop at the organizational level.  He continues to educate the community in many ways outside of PennBOC.  As both a Professional Engineer and adjunct Professor at Penn State University Walt instructs future design professionals during his engineering lectures.  During these lectures he advocates for the Code Official and explains the construction code and its importance instead of just the principles of engineering.  These are just a few examples for which I believe Walt to be a candidate for this award.”