This is a permanent part-time position requiring 16 hours per week with additional coverage needed for scheduled time off in the department. This position is responsible for permit processing, plan review, and inspections of construction activity for compliance with the Pennsylvania Uniform Construction Code, as amended by Upper Providence Township. The position is also responsible for assisting with general code enforcement and zoning enforcement.

Duties are performed under the general supervision of the Assistant Township Manager, and/or Zoning Officer, to whom problems are referred to for advice or instruction. The employee is responsible for enforcement of Township’s Code, Zoning Ordinance, and the Pennsylvania Uniform Construction Code, and other related codes and ordinances.


• Perform plan review and inspections of residential and commercial structures to determine compliance with the Pennsylvania Uniform Construction Code, as amended by Upper Providence Township, issues stop work orders and certificates of occupancy.

• Prepare all necessary correspondence and related documentation for code enforcement duties.

• Removes temporary signs from within the right of way.

• Perform various tasks and complete special assignments as needed.


• Knowledge of building construction, related codes, Ordinances, and regulations.

• Comprehension of fire prevention inspection techniques.

• Extensive knowledge of the Pennsylvania Uniform Construction Code including requirements for building, plumbing, mechanical, energy, and accessibility compliance.

• Ability to read and understand blueprints.

• Excellent written and oral communications skills.

• Knowledge of the computer and applications software including Microsoft Office Suite and applications.

• Superb public relation skills.


This position must possess and/or maintain the following at minimum throughout employment, as well as additional education/training/certification/licensure required.

A) High School Diploma

B) Valid PA Driver’s License

C) Certification under the Pennsylvania Uniform Construction Code as an accessibility inspector/plans examiner.

D) Certification under the Pennsylvania Uniform Construction Code to perform commercial plan review and commercial inspection based on the following certification categories: building, plumbing, mechanical, and energy.


Work inside and outside, exposure to all extremes of the environment. Work in wet, icy or muddy areas. Perform a variety of tasks on slippery and/or hazardous surfaces such as rooftops or from ladders.

Position normally requires full use of sight, hearing, speech, arms, hands, legs and feet. Ability to sit for a minimum of 4 hours, walk for a minimum of 2 hours, stand for a minimum of 1 hour, and drive for a minimum of 1 hour is required.

Interested applicants who meet the requirements and qualifications should apply by using the following link: https://secure3.entertimeonline.com/ta/T2360.careers?CareersSearch