Salary: $42,432.00 – $65,828.00 Annually
Location: New Castle, DE
Job Type: Regular Full-time


GENERAL STATEMENT OF DUTIES:  Conducts investigations for the County and takes appropriate action to ensure compliance with all County codes; does related work as required. 

DISTINGUISHING FEATURES OF THE CLASS:  An employee in this class is responsible for conducting investigations and ensuring compliance with all County codes and related ordinances.  The employee prosecutes violators in Magistrate Court as necessary, may testify in a higher court if necessary, and works under general supervision.  An employee in this class will be appointed a Code Enforcement Constable pursuant to State law to make actions legally effective. 

EXAMPLES OF WORK:  (Illustrative only)

  • Performs field investigations and prepares related reports;
  • Researches codes and ordinances in regard to alleged violations;
  • Notifies violators of code violations and code provisions;
  • Confers with violators, attorneys, judges and other governmental agencies;
  • Follows up on code violations to ensure correction and compliance;
  • Collects evidence and prosecutes code violators in court;
  • Appears in court to testify as a witness when necessary;
  • Prepares and issues summonses to appear in court;
  • Serves summonses on violators when necessary;
  • Obtains, compiles, and organizes data;
  • Answers inquiries regarding code violations and provides advice on code
  • Posts stop work orders and condemnation notices when necessary;
  • Promotes an ongoing attitude of dedication to excellent public service and ensures that external and internal customers are provided with the highest quality of service;
  • Operates a personal computer and other related equipment in the course of the work.

REQUIRED KNOWLEDGE, SKILLS AND ABILITIES:  Good knowledge of County codes and ordinances; ability to learn the practices and procedures of the Magistrate Court system; ability to perform investigations and appropriate code research to ensure conformance to codes; ability to make accurate and articulate presentations in Magistrate Court; ability to communicate courteously and effectively, both verbally and in writing; ability to maintain effective working relationships with County employees, the public, government officials, attorneys, outside agencies, organizations and individuals; ability to recognize the sensitivity of issues and assignments and to maintain confidentiality; ability to prepare reports and keep appropriate records.

MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS:  At least three (3) years of experience in work related to building codes or (3) years investigative experience, and possession of a high school diploma or GED; or an equivalent combination of experience, education or training directly related to the required knowledge, skills and abilities.

ADDITIONAL QUALIFICATIONS:  Possession of a valid Delaware Class D driver’s license or its equivalent; Successful completion of the following ICC required disciplines within timeframe specified below, with maintenance of current status in all required areas. All costs associated with ICC examinations, verification, and subsequent maintenance of current status in such examination area shall be borne by the employee or applicant, unless otherwise provided for in a collective bargaining agreement

ICC: 64 (Property Maintenance & Housing Inspector) within six months of date of hire or promotion;

ADDITIONAL REQUIREMENTS:  Must pass a Class III County physical examination and background check, to include clearance to work in the DELGIS system. 

NOTE:  Any employee who is in this position as of March 15, 2016, shall be exempt from the additional qualifications regarding ICC certifications.CONTACT INFORMATION

Laura McDermott
Office of Human Resources

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