POSITION: Code Enforcement Officer/Building Inspector, South Strabane Township

DEPARTMENT: Code Enforcement

SUPERVISOR: Building Official

SALARY: $50,000 – $55,000k/annually


PRIMARY FUNCTION: This is an at-will, full-time exempt position providing a variety of skilled tasks related to building inspection, commercial and residential plan review, property maintenance, building and zoning code enforcement. An employee in this position has the responsibility for enforcement of all Township ordinances and state laws regulating new and existing residential and commercial projects within the Township relative to applicable building codes and property maintenance. The employee works independently in the performance of review, inspection and enforcement activities, but confers and receives direction from the Building Official. Responsible for overseeing the building permit process for all residential and commercial projects by working with applicants to ensure plans are prepared properly, review plans and conduct onsite inspection to ensure compliance with all Township building and zoning regulations and issuing certificates of occupancy. This position works independently and is responsible for making decisions requiring broad technical expertise and involves significant contact with the public and building community. At times, work and materials handled are of a confidential nature making this position a confidential position.

ESSENTIAL DUTIES: a) Review of new and existing residential and commercial building applications and plans for conformity to all applicable state and township building, electrical, plumbing, mechanical, fire and energy codes. b) Perform inspections of residential, commercial and industrial building and construction activities for compliance with all code standards. c) Interprets and explains all general and technical code regulations to builders, contractors and homeowners. d) Investigates, responds and resolves all property maintenance issues, complaints and nuisance violations in accordance with applicable ordinances. e) Issue and maintain records of all permits and inspections. f) Approve and issue occupancy permits. g) Issue notices of violation, citations or other actions as required. h) Investigate illegal dumping, water runoff issues, befouling of streets or any other items relative to the health, safety and welfare of residents. i) Initiates action and represents the township in all proceedings before the magistrate/court for non-compliance of all building, property maintenance or other relative ordinances. j) Periodically reviews and makes recommendations for revisions to building and property maintenance codes. k) Prepare and maintain monthly reports as required. l) Certify and file all reports to appropriate county, state and federal agencies as may be required. m) Maintain liaison with department staff, fire chief, or other township personnel on all mutually-related issues. n) Maintain good public relations. o) Represents the township at conferences, seminars, training sessions and other code enforcement functions as authorized by the Building Official/Township Manager. p) Performs such other duties and related work as may be directed by the township manager and Board of Supervisors.

QUALIFICATIONS AND REQUIREMENTS FOR THE POSITION: The skills, abilities, knowledge, experience and training described here are representative of those that must be met by an employee to successfully perform the essential functions of this job: • Integrity. • Ability to train and test utilizing the International Construction Code with the goal of being fully certified within a reasonable time frame. • A valid Pennsylvania driver’s license. • Thorough knowledge of the principles and practices of administration and management, including organization, management, supervision, budget preparation, planning and research as it relates to code enforcement. • Strong analytical skills and attention to detail. • Ability to effectively communicate verbally, in person and over the phone, and in writing. • Ability to maintain, or obtain within reasonable time, a sense of humor. • Ability to work without direct supervision and to exercise judgment, initiative, and discretion to make effective decisions in a timely manner. • Ability and desire to work in a team-oriented atmosphere. • Ability to effectively use organizational and time management skills. • Ability to work on multiple tasks simultaneously. • Ability to attend regular evening meetings. • Ability to apply knowledge of operations, procedures, policies and ordinances to make consistent decisions. • Knowledge of basic office equipment and products. • Proficiency with Microsoft Office applications. • Ability to recognize sensitive and discretionary information and maintain confidentiality with regard to context.

PHYSICAL REQUIREMENTS & COMPETENCIES: The physical demands described here are representative of those that must be met by an employee to successfully preform the essential functions of this job: • Physical ability to perform on-site inspections in all phases of construction. • Ability to work in a sitting position for extended periods of time. • Ability to endure and tolerate outside weather conditions, including temperature extremes during day and night during emergency situations. • Ability to perform repetitive arm, hand, and eye movements. • Ability to frequently bend, squat, kneel, stretch, and use hands and fingers to handle equipment to perform duties. • Ability to laugh and learn from mistakes. • Ability to conduct onsite inspections/evaluations of property. • Ability to occasionally lift and/or move at least 50 pounds with or without assistance. • Ability to hear within a reasonable audio range, with or without corrective device(s). • Possess the visual acuity to analyze data and figures, operate a computer terminal and do extensive reading and comprehending. • Ability to operate tools and equipment required to perform in the position and proficiency in Microsoft Windows programs is required.

EDUCATION AND EXPERIENCE: • Knowledge necessary to interpret, administer and enforce the provisions of Act 45, the International Building Code and all other residential, commercial and related codes. • Knowledge and ability to administer and enforce the property maintenance code and other ordinances related to health, safety and welfare. • Ability to conduct inspections in accordance with prescribed and acceptable code standards. • Ability to maintain and prepare daily, monthly and annual records and reports as required. • Ability to utilize office computer equipment and software including word processing and spreadsheet applications. • Ability to express ideas clearly and concisely both orally and in writing. • Ability to establish and maintain a good relationship with contractors, developers, general public, townships officials and employees. • Current certification in any/all residential U.C.C. categories. • A minimum of two years as a municipal code official, or a minimum of two years as a building inspector, contractor or foreman of building construction. • A minimum of two years’ experience/enforcement of property maintenance code and nuisance ordinances in a municipality. • Working knowledge of Microsoft Office software including Word, Excel, and Outlook, as well as, GIS software and utilizing an iPad for work outside the office.

ACKNOWLEDGMENT: This job description describes a general category of duties. In order to meet the needs of the Township government or its departments, employees may be assigned other duties, in addition to or in lieu of any of those previously described, and any duties are subject to change at any time.

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