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GENERAL STATEMENT OF DUTIES: Performs skilled Geographic Information System (GIS) work in Information Systems; does related work as required.
DISTINGUISHING FEATURES OF THE CLASS:  An employee in this class performs GIS maintenance, and database updating. Responsibilities include creating and maintaining GIS layers for land use, public safety and assessment needs, as well as maintaining and creating related database records. An employee in this class produces maps for public and private use. Work involves extensive use of a variety of software applications; including CAD software, spreadsheets, databases and GIS software. Work is performed under the supervision of the Geographic Information Systems Analyst.
EXAMPLES OF WORK:  (Illustrative Only)
  • Utilizes a variety of software programs including GIS, spreadsheets and databases;
  • Utilizes a GIS for maintenance;
  • Digitizes and updates GIS data including parcels, zoning, and other feature datasets;
  • Performs work necessary to maintain tabular data and digital map files in a manner consistent with recognized standards;
  • Produces map layouts suitable for public presentation;
  • Assigns addresses in accordance with acceptable standards;
  • Reviews aerial photography and makes determinations of features;
  • Plots coordinates and makes graphic representations of a variety of land features from field notes;
  • Performs detailed cartographic research to determine property line delineation, area and closure;
  • Reviews plans, deeds and other documents to determine compliance with generally accepted cartographic and statutory requirements;
  • Prepares major subdivision plans for inclusion on or correction to the parcel base and related databases;
  • Keeps records and makes reports of work performed;
  • Maintains map files and keeps them up to date in accordance with prescribed procedure;
  • Prepares original correspondence detailing discrepancies in compliance of statutory requirements;
  • Prepares maps and exhibits for publication and distribution;
  • Provides mapping and GIS assistance and information to the public, attorneys, private agencies, and other government agencies;
  • Assists in synchronizing discrepancies between databases;
  • Maintains current knowledge and proficiency in the use of software, hardware and equipment required in the course of work;
  • Promotes an ongoing attitude of dedication to excellent public service and ensures that external and internal customers are provided with the highest quality of service;
  • Operates a personal computer, GIS and other related equipment and software in the course of the work.

REQUIRED KNOWLEDGE, SKILLS AND ABILITIES: Some knowledge of the principles and practices of GIS; some knowledge of cartography, topography, surveying or civil engineering practices; familiarity with CAD, GIS or similar programs; ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with other employees; ability to communicate effectively.

MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS: At least three (3) years' experience in drafting, database management or related work, possession of an Associate's Degree with major course work in geography, planning or drafting field; experience operating a Geographic Information System or Computer Aided Drafting program; or an equivalent combination of experience, education or training directly related to the required knowledge, skills and abilities.
ADDITIONAL REQUIREMENTS: Must pass a Class III County physical examination and background check; possession of a valid Delaware Class D driver's license or its equivalent.



Jacquelyn A. Moore, SHRM-CP
Human Resources Technician
(302) 395-5161

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