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Building & Code Manager / BCO Silver Spring Township, PA 02/05/2018

Silver Spring Township, PA is seeking a full-time Building & Code Manager / BCO.

POSITION SUMMARY: This is a supervisory, administrative, in-Field and technical position responsible for the management, supervision and administration of building code enforcement in accordance with, the Pennsylvania Uniform Construction Code (UCC) ACT 45 of 1999 statute & regulations, as well as all related State, Federal, and Township laws, codes and ordinances.


• Performs all department functions relative to current UCC and other relevant laws, regulations and ordinances within the jurisdiction of Silver Spring Township.

• Manages building inspectors/plan examiners, Code Enforcement Officer and Building & Codes Administrative Assistant

• Performs the daily business and operation of the Township BCO, including supervising or maintaining comprehensive records of permit applications, permits, certificates of occupancy, notices of orders and citations, activities of code enforcement, building inspections and general administrative matters including the review of building plans and inspections and all department records

• Township BCO, assumes all roles and responsibilities including Township compliance with UCC statue and regulations along with local, state, and federal laws and enforcement in accordance with Chapter 401.7(a)(18) of the Uniform Construction Code

• Supervises and performs evaluations for managed staff; provides updates to the Community Development Director regarding all personnel matters within the department

• Issues or denies permits and certificates of occupancy; schedules, and at times performs inspections at permitted premises to document compliance, as required by the related code; and coordinates daily inspections and plan review activities for in-house and out-sourced inspectors

• Reviews third party agency proposals and invoices for accuracy and cost

• As Township BCO, consults with and advises The Public on complexities and/or interpretation of codes, applicable ordinances, regulations and laws

• Responsible for the preparation and submittal of reports on building permits issued to the County Assessment Office, U.S. Census Bureau, and other agencies requiring such reports

• Prepares and submits to the Community Development Director a monthly report related to all

permit, inspection and enforcement actions such as, but not limited to, building permits, violation

notices and orders to vacate

• Prepares and submits detailed budget recommendations with justification, including projected

revenue and expense; and responsibly executes the approved budget

• Maintains all UCC certifications necessary to the performance of duties and stays current with

developments in the field and pertinent legislative initiatives

• Attends multiple meetings, including but not limited to Board of Supervisors

• Administers citations and represents the Township in all legal hearings relating to building and code

enforcement; serves as Township representative at court hearings

• Performs outdoor work in all weather conditions

• Performs all other duties assigned as the Township BCO

• Performs initial, on-going, and final inspections of construction for conformity to Township and PA

UCC codes and ordinances for which a valid certification is held

• Participates as a member of the plan review for construction documents

• Reviews submissions and processes building permits

• Meets with permit applicants and the general public, as needed, to review and discuss plan review

comments and/or general Act 45 code questions

• Advises contractors and the public on the proper practices for compliance with federal, state and

local codes


...for more info on this position, refer to the full job description PDF below.

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