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Block Grants to Fund Code Operations WEBCAST!! 04/10/2013


The International Code Council (ICC) is working with the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) to help code officials understand how they can use HUD’s Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funds to support local code programs.

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Join the “HUD Block Grants for Local Code Programs” webcast:

  • Hear step-by-step guidance on how local code officials can work with the CDBG program
  • Learn how CDBG funds can be a tool to support local government code programs and a way to prevent or eliminate slums, blight and other community challenges
  • Receive a copy of a new “ICC Guidebook on HUD Block Grants for Local Code Programs”
  • Interact with key HUD CDBG officials including Steve Johnson, HUD Director of the CDBG Entitlement Communities Program, and Stephen Rhodeside, HUD Director of the CDBG Non-Entitlement Communities Program, along with ICC leadership including Board President Ronald Piester and CEO Dominic Sims

ICC is working to promote the use of CDBG funds for local code programs. Typically funded at nearly $3 billion each year, the CDBG program supports a wide variety of local improvement activities – including local code programs. Up to $150+ million in CDBG funds are spent each year on local code programs. 

HUD is now working on revised guidance on the use of CDBG funds for code programs, and ICC is developing its own, user-friendly “ICC Guidebook on HUD Block Grants for Local Code Programs.”


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This webinar will be recorded and shortly after the live event is completed it will be available for later viewing at

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