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Accessibility Code Changes for Pennsylvania Various Locations 02/21/2013

This training focuses on major changes between the 2003 &2009;ICC ANSI A117.1 Standards


This 4 hour course will provide attendees with an overview of the major changes that will become enforceable in Pennsylvania for compliance with the PA UCC when the Department of Labor & Industry begins enforcing Chapter 11 of the 2012 IBC to meet accessibility requirements.

This course highlights the changes to technical requirements that those in code enforcement should be aware of when performing plan review, site assessments or inspections.

Many existing requirements have been changed simply by their relocation to another area in the Standard. These relocation or formatting changes will also be addressed.
The course will follow the sequence of the Standard starting in Chapter 3 and concluding with Chapter 11.

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Download the flyer here.


Download Handout here.  It is recommended that this be printed and taken to the session.


Download "Slides" here.  This is a very large file (> 275 pages). You may want to wait until after the session to decide whether to print it or not.




This session can be presented in your area or your office!  For more information, contact PENNBOC.

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