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OSHA Requirements for Building Code Officials Scheudle this course near you! 12/31/2012

But we're exempt from OSHA!!!

 Yes, but exempt from penalty does not mean exempt from injury.


Contat PENNBOC to schedule this session in your area.

When your employee is injured on the job, your exempt employer status does not matter.  OSHA’s standards will likely be the basis of any litigation intended to limit an employee's "compensation" or his ability to obtain care. The standards will likely be used by both parties against each other.

Municipalities who contract with outside contractors will need to know the regulatory safety requirements for that organization while it is performing as an agent of the municipality.

You will learn how to –
      Recognize and avoid unsafe conditions
     Perform inspections safely
     Avoid bodily injury and personal financial loss
     Protect your organization from loss
     Respond when you encounter any of OSHA’s “Focused Four” hazards*.

You need this training if you represent a  municipality or are  a municipal code official or a third-party code official.

Tell the contractors you encounter about this training.  They are not exempt!


"Excellent instruction from a knowledgeable instructor with industry experience" - a satisfied participant


Trainer Tom Barnowski works with a small group in the recently completed Harrisburg session.





Barnowski listens in as a small group works on a problem solving exercise.



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