PICCCC    a/k/a   PIC 4


PIC4, the acronym for the Pennsylvania International Code Council  Chapter Coalition, is a cooperative, collaborative relationship through which all twelve (12) ICC-chartered chapters within Pennsylvania develop common positions on matters of universal interest.

PIC4 was formed in 2011 to coordinate participation of the PA ICC chapters in ICC's Region 7. When Region 7 meets, each state is expected to have crafted a “state position” on business items such as code change proposals, ICC bylaws and committee actions, and ICC leadership candidates.  Since the number of PA ICC chapters grew from 5 at the time Region 7 was formed to 12 chapters in 2010,  creating the PIC4 venue was an essential precursor to productive Pennsylvania input at R-7 conclaves.

The Memorandum Of Understanding (MOU) that established PIC 4 and guides its operation was approved in August 2011 and was ratified and signed by all twelve PA ICC chapters. The MOU  was amended in January 2013 to formalize registration fee reciprocity for each chapter's educational efforts, and to encourage cooperative scheduling of chapter events.  Now in place is a framework that extends “member rates” to any chapter member when registering for any other chapter's training events.  It  is hoped that these first steps in collaboration will be the gateway to more effective communications and other cooperative projects.The PIC4 MOU is here.

Training events offered by any PIC4 Chapter are open to all chapters' members. More importantly, if there is a registration fee, a member of any PIC4 chapter is extended the courtesy of registration at the sponsor’s member's rate.  PENNBOC kicked this new program off with its Winter 2013 Accessibility training events.

PENNBOC's online Calendar presents PIC4 members’ training events when the chapter provides the information to PENBOC. It is hoped that this calendar will also be an effective conflict avoidance tool for event scheduling by all PIC4 members.




In compliance with the PIC 4 MOU there must be an October to select a Chair for the following year, discuss and conduct general business and ratify the Chair to ICC Region VII for 2014.

The Annual Meeting will be held Wednesday, October 23, 2013, beginning at 10:30 AM with expected adjournment at 1:00 PM.  The venue is the Lower Allen Township Government Center in Camp Hill. PA.



PIC 4 Documents of Interest

This section provides the following resources:

The Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) that created and guides PIC4.

Minutes of PIC 4 meetings

September 2012