ICC Region 7

The ICC has divided the country into regions. Pennsylvania is part of ICC Region 7 which includes Delaware, the District of Columbia, Maryland, New Jersey, Virginia and West Virginia.

ICC Region 7 is a multi-state forum where representatives from each state’s ICC Chapters convene and discuss matters of common concern. Since each state is expected to have crafted a “state position” before R 7 meetings, creating the Pennsylvania International Code Council Chapter Coallition (PIC4)  was an essential precursor to productive R 7 conclaves.  PIC4, selects from its members Pennsylvania's representatives to Region-7.

ICC Region 7 meets quarterly in Hagerstown, MD and at the annual ICC Conference.  Region 7 is a leader among ICC regional chapters in the code development process.  R 7 also reviews ICC policies, committee actions and leadership candidates, then submits  consensus input to ICC.  Although each participating state is limited to 4 voting delegates, any ICC member may attend the meetings, which provide an exceptional opportunity for peer networking and participation in the code development process.   PENNBOC, along with CBO, PACO and LANCODE, participated in the formalization of Region 7.  When the number of PA ICC chapters grew to 12, PENNBOC played a leadership role in the formation of the PA ICC Chapter Coalition, which coordinates participation of PA chapters in ICC Region 7 business.

Region 7's website  identifies state's current representaton, meeting information and links to member state's websites.