The bylaws were amended at the 2017 conference. 

Click here to download a pdf file of PENNBOC's 9/13/17 by-laws. 




Within the framework of the Bylaws, the Board has, from time to time, found it necessary to establish "Policies" that guide the implementation of Bylaws provisions or PENNBOC programs. Although unstated, these policies may also stipulate "procedures" that are implemented to bring life to Policies.

Policies are intended to add clarification, uniformity of implementation, and provide a clear declaration of the Board's intentions regarding PENNBOC activities and operations.  Unlike Bylaws, the Policies are somewhat more easily established and, if necessary, modified.

The policies are being revised for consistency with the revised bylaws and recent Board actions and will be posted here when they are available.
Click here to download a pdf of currently availalbe PENNBOC policies.