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A Do-over for Recreational Cabins?

A code official writes –

Long before my code enforcement days, my uncle built a log cabin style house as a vacation home with plans to “maybe” move into at some time in the future.  Someone suggested he build it under the Recreational Cabin provisions (exemption) in the UCC.  He filed for and received a waiver. No inspections were conducted and no C of O was issued.

The ramifications of following the Rec Cabin route were never fully explained to him and he followed a flawed stategy.  Talking to him, it sounds like the house was built to meet most of the codes.

A potential buyer would like to make this Rec Cabin a primary residence. As is, the municipality won’t assign an address or permit it to be occupied as a primary residence.

Looking for solutions, he was told he could dismantle and, with appropriate inspections along the way, reconstruct the cabin.

What, if any, options are available; what actions should he pursue to turn this around?   Is there a do-over strategy?

Have you ever dealt with and how did you handle situations like this?

By Admin
Tue, 17 Jun 2014 16:59:52
RE: A Do-over for Recreational Cabins?

Very different. I'd try, if I was the owner, by choosing uncertified structure per the UCC and it could be determined as a change of use. Every time we deal with an uncertified structure, we have no idea if it was ever inspected for anything but we still have to deal with it. I'd choose IBC code section 3412 for existing structure. They should agree it was some type of use, such as a utility, storage and being changed to an R-3. Run the calculations on Table 3412.7 and see if you pass. Most of the work, to bring it up to code, would be an alteration, no permit required, but check with AHJ for amendment. I have more reasons why I would not permit it. Good luck.

By USER286
Wed, 18 Jun 2014 19:55:10

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