The Pat Campanella Award

2016 nomination deadline:  Close of business on August 1, 2017.

Pat Campanella, the Man

After a military assignment that included construction of bridges and hotels, and 23 years in the construction and building material supply, Pat Campanella became a building inspector for the City of Allentown.

Pat Campanella spent many years serving PENNBOC at the state level the members in his home area, Region 2. He worked hard to promote membership and educational opportunities in statewide and regional settings. He served as State President in 1980, and became the first recipient of this award in 1982.

The Award

The award is presented at the Annual Conference to an Active Member in good standing who, like Pat, has made significant contributions of time and talent to the organization at state or region levels. The recipient should display the high Ideals of leadership and dedication to their community and the Pennsylvania Building Officials Conference. This award is discretionary; it need not be awarded every year.

A committee appointed by the president and comprised of members of the Board of Directors considers candidates for the award. Nominations may be made by any member using this form.