Annual Meeting 2009 Minutes



OCTOBER 7, 2009




Presidents call to Order -             9:05 A. M.

Pledge of Allegiance and Invocation -   

After the pledge of allegiance, the invocation was given by Jim Matscherz.

Roll Call of Board of Directors Members -

Region I – Rob Reilley

Keith Place

Paul Purtell

Region II – Cindy Cawley

Philip A Roeder

Region IV – Steve Bielskie

Shawn Forrest

Region V – Jeff Shultz

John Eby

Bob Greene

Region VI - Cindy Davis

Fred Kinder

Bob Smith

Jim Matscherz

Council – Khervin Smith

Meetings  With Success – Gil Longwell

Absent – Region I – Richard Barton

Jim Lucas

Region V – Russ Yinger, Tim Stout, Mark Richter

Region VI – Dave Knox, Mike Como

A total of 43 members attended the General Membership Meeting

Treasurer’s Report – The report was presented by Philip Roeder and a motion to accept the report was made by Cindy Cawley and seconded by Rob Reilley.  Voice vote, all ayes.

Committee Reports – ICC report was given by Roland Hall.  He urged members in attendance at the ICC Conference to be sure to register with their membership # to be eligible to vote.  Also, he urged attendees to check the ICC website to ensure your name is on the list.  A further note was that the code changes will be published electronically, not in printed books as before.  Attendees of the ICC Conference were reminded to complete absentee ballots for the November 3rd election day. 

Government Relations – The recently published “Sprinkler Resolution” was supported as published by various code chapters including but not limited to PennBOC, PAFCO and PCCO. 

Education – The new chair of the education committee is Steve Bielskie.  New education opportunities will be offered through Northampton Community College.  The education committee along with NCC’s Tom Barnowski is developing a mentoring program for new inspectors that involve two tracks – one for perhaps contractors with construction experience to be fast tracked and one for novices who will require a longer internship.  The first program to be developed is Residential and the pilot program is to begin in January 2010.  Plumbing, HVAC, Electrical programs to follow. 

Constitution and Bylaws – John Eby reported that while an amendment to consolidate officers’ duties was approved at last year’s conference, simplification of the Bylaws amendment process was only discussed, not acted upon.  At its meeting immediately preceding this general meeting, the BOD unanimously agreed that the BOD, rather than the general membership, should be authorized to amend the Bylaws: provided that at least 30 days notice is given for the proposed amendment, and at least 2/3 of the directors present at the BOD meeting vote in favor of the amendment.  A motion was made by John Eby and seconded by Harold Arndt to authorize the BOD to proceed with this change in the Bylaws amendment procedure.  Voice vote, all ayes. 

Audit Committee – no report.  A vote was taken to change the month of the annual Conference, the results were 50% for changing the month and 50% for remaining with the third week in October. Conference Committee to meet to discuss. 

Region Reports

Region I – Rob Reilley reported

Region II – Cindy Cawley reported

Region IV – Steve Beilskie reported

Region V – Jeff reported – no report

Region VI – Fred Kinder  -no report

Old Business  - none

New Business

John Bender of Unnderwriters Laboratories to speak at ICC Conference on Safety.  Dues and reimbursements – John Eby reported that the BOD policy of reimbursements of $10.00 with a completed and satisfactory report will remain a continued policy.  The dues fees for 2010 will remain at $45.00.


Correspondence – none


Good of the Order – The new Website will encourage use by regions due to its new format.

Exhibitor Spotlight – The following companies were present and offered facts on their products during the conference – Thermal Ceramics, Simpson Strongtie, UL, International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Organization, CS Graphx, Keene Building Products, Code Enforcement Associates and Hoover Treated Wood Products.

Ajournment – Motion by Fred Kinder and seconded by Bob Greene to adjourn.  The time was 10:48.

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