Annual Meeting 2005 Minutes




OCTOBER 12, 2005






Call to Order

The meeting was called to order by President James E. Matscherz at 10:10 A.M.


Pledge of Allegiance and Invocation

After the Pledge of Allegiance, Richard Barton gave the Invocation.


Roll Call

James E. Matscherz, President; Richard Barton, First Vice President; Eric D. Weiss, Second Vice President; Paul Purtell, Recording Secretary; Robert John Smith, Corresponding Secretary; Janet Hardman, Treasurer; Craig B. Hynes, Past President; Robert Reilly, Region I Representative; Robert Witt, Region II Representative; Adrian Brodish, James Scheifley and Shawn Forrest, Region IV Representatives; Dave Milletics, Jeff Shultz and John Eby, Region V Representatives; Dave Ross, Dallas Leonard and Dave Knox, Region VI Representatives.  Also present were 54 members (see attached sign-in sheet).  A quorum was declared.



A motion was made by Robert Esbaugh and seconded by Charles Knecht to approve the minutes of the October 20, 2004 Business/Membership meeting as presented.  Voice vote, all ayes.


Treasurer’s Report – Janet Hardman

Janet had not yet arrived at the meeting.  She did attend later in the meeting.  President Matscherz reported that PennBOC has $33,358.29 in the checking account, $21,404.30 in the savings account and $12,572.00 in a CD.  A motion was made by Shawn Forest and seconded by Dave Knox to accept the Treasurer’s Report as submitted.  Voice vote, all ayes.




Committee Reports

ICC Relations – David Ross gave a summary of the ICC Region 7 year-to-date activities.  He reported that PennBOC intends to continue to be active in the formation of ICC Region 7.  This is a multi-state organization that focuses on ICC matters such as code review and changes.  Region 7 is in the process of developing its by-laws and has made application to the ICC for recognition.

Government Relations – Craig Hynes reported that this Committee reviews all proposed legislation that would affect Building Officials.  Craig provided and reviewed a written list of proposed legislation that is currently under consideration (attached).  He suggested all code officials register their email addresses with ICC and they will receive legislative alerts.  He also urged all members to become politically active and to develop relationships with their state legislators.

Community Relations/Newsletter – John Eby reported that the primary function of the Committee is to promote the goals and awareness of PennBOC.  This has been done primarily through the newsletter.  At least once a year the newsletter is sent to all the municipalities and state elected officials in addition to the membership.  He also announced the PennBOC website, and encouraged everyone to use it and offer suggestions.  (Written report attached.)

Membership – Paul Purtell reported that as of October 10, 2005 PennBOC had a total membership of 620 members.  He also reported that in 2005 Region IV has become an active Region and that Region III has received seed money from PennBOC to assist hem to become active.  Paul sees good things on the horizon for membership increasing.

31st Annual Conference – President Matscherz welcomed everyone and thanked his Committee and Gil Longwell for all their good work.  He urged everyone to visit the vendors and attend the Thursday night Presidents dinner meeting.

Education – James E. Matscherz summarized the year’s training schedule.  He also suggested that all members let their regions know what type of training they desire.  It was explained that the cost of seminars is based on the cost that PennBOC incurs to provide the seminar.

Constitution and By-laws – John Eby summarized the Committee’s work for this past year.  He reviewed his October 12, 2005 written report (Attached).  John then reviewed the proposed by-laws dated October 12, 2005 which included the amendments approved by the Board at their meeting earlier in the day (proposed 10-12-05 by-laws are attached).  A motion was made by John Eby and seconded by Robert Esbaugh to adopt the proposed by-laws.  Voice vote, all ayes.  A motion was made by John Eby and seconded by Dave Knox to clarify that in Section 5.2 of the by-laws electronic means is either email or FAX.  Voice vote, all ayes.  John also reviewed the Board of Directors Policies that were adopted by the Board earlier in the day (Attached). 



Region Reports

Region I       -        A written report was read to the members and a copy submitted for the record.  (Attached)

Region II      -        Verbal report.

Region IV    -        Verbal report.

Region V     -        Verbal report.

Region VI   -   Verbal report.


New Business

The new business was covered under the Constitution and By-Laws report.


Old Business




A motion was made by Richard Barton and seconded by Robert Esbaugh to adjourn the meeting at 11:20 A.M.  Voice vote, all ayes.


Respectfully submitted,


Corresponding Secretary

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