Region 5 Jan 2012 Report




The first meeting of the new year was held at the PSATS location on January 10, 2012. Approximately 17 members were in attendance for this meeting. .

Meeting Highlights


Webinars were again offered in conjunction with the Chapter V meeting. The morning webinar dealt with “Changes of the 2012 Codes”. The afternoon session dealt with “Site Issues”. Con- ed credits were issued for both sessions to those in attendance.


Old Business


-       John Eby presented to the membership the addition of a new classification to PENNBOC Membership. This new classification is “Corporate” and will reach out to those businesses in the hopes of benefitting both.

-       Membership dues have increased from $45 to $50 per year.

-       State rebates will continue back to the individual Chapters

-       The annual Conference will be held in Lehigh Valley, October 2012.

-       The Standardized Inspection Checklist was again discussed.


New Business

-       Discuss the availability of the State Pennboc mail list for Chapter use. 

-       Discuss the appointment of a Nominating Committee for the upcoming elections 


State Board of Directors


-       Next meeting scheduled for February 9, 2012

-       Jeff Shultz agreed to serve as PENNBOC Region V delegate to the PA ICC Chapter Coalition.  All 12 PA ICC Chapters have joined PICCCC for the purpose of coordinating participation in ICC Region VII, and to explore other areas of mutual interest and benefit.  The next PICCCC meeting is on February 22, 2012 at 10 AM in the Lower Allen Township Municipal Services Center."




-       The 2012 Webinar schedule has been distributed to the membership. CEUs will be offered. Chapter mini meetings will be conducted when possible.

-       Discussion concerning an OSHA Awareness seminar

-       2 PENNBOC State Education Seminars are proposed for circulation throughout the State Chapters.



Respectfully submitted,

Jeff Shultz

PENNBOC V Region Rep to State Board

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