12/3/2010 Board of Directors

Minutes of the PENNBOC Board of Directors
Email meeting on 12/3/2010.

Due to a situation involving PENNBOC correspondence that was lost in transit, certain and
pertinent personal information may or may not have been breached due to the loss. The United Postal Service, after several attempts to find the missing correspondence and a formal inquiry, declared the
items lost.

At this time, no known breech has occurred or may ever occur since the UPS return label
has not been used as of this writing. No insurance was applicable from PENNBOC since
no "loss" has occurred.

A motion was made by Jim Lucas and seconded by Robert John Smith, to have
PENNBOC reimburse any of the four affected individuals, the fees associated with an
identity protection service of their selection not to exceed $120.00 per person, for
coverage for one year.

Reimbursement will be based on submittal of a receipt for such services.

Respectfully submitted,
Philip A. Roeder

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