Region 5 2010 Report



Region 5 Report to the PENNBOC Board and Members


Quarterly Meetings were held on January 21, April 22, July 15, and September 16 of 2010. Average attendance at the quarterly meetings is 23 members. The membership continually monitors legislation and progress of proposed Senate and House Bills.


Meeting Highlights


PSATS has offered to PENNBOC V the use of their facility for the quarterly meetings. In addition, webinars were scheduled and con-ed credits available to those in attendance. The January and July meetings were held at PSATS with a webinar covering the 2009 IRC duct/blower door testing requirements. The April quarterly meeting was conducted at Excel Manufactured Housing facility with a tour following.


All members are informed of the partnership with Northampton Community College and their offering of Building Code classes. Members were requested to contact the State Board if interested in becoming a presenter.


Discussions were held throughout the year at all quarterly meetings on the following topics;

  • 2009 IRC Code changes
  • Development of a standardized inspection checklist
  • PBA’s attempt to block the IRC Sprinkler requirement for January 1, 2011 and reverting back the 2006 ICC Codes
  • Numerous legislative House and Senate bills


The nomination and election of PENNBOC V Officers was held September 16, 2010 at the Annual Quarterly Luncheon Meeting. The 2011 Officers are as follows;


  • President – John Eby
  • Vice President – Tim Stout
  • Secretary – Dan Rosario
  • Treasurer – Rich Lehigh
  • State Board of Director Representatives  – Jeff Shultz, Tim Stout, John Eby
  • State Board of Education Representative – Bill Coulson



Respectfully submitted, 

Jeff Shultz

PENNBOC V Region Rep to State Board

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