4/8/10 BOD Meeting Minutes



APRIL 8, 2010


President’s Call to Order – 10:05 A.M.

Roll Call of Board of Directors’s Members

Region I – Rob Reilley

Rich Barton

Keith Place

Region II – Cindy Cawley

Philip Roeder

Region IV- Shawn Forrest

Region V – Tim Stout

Bob Greene

John Eby

Jeff Shultz

Mark Richter

Region VI – Cindy Davis

Fred Kinder

Jim Matscherz

Robert John Smith

Meeting With Success – Gil Longwell

Council – Khervin Smith


Absent – Region I – Paul Purtell

James Lucas

Region IV – Steve Bielskie

Region V – Russ Yinger

Region VI – Mike Como

Dave Knox

Approval of Minutes – Motion by Bob Smith and seconded by Cindy Cawley to accept the January 14th 2010 BOD meeting minutes.  Voice vote, all ayes.

Treasurer’s Report- Gil Longwell stated that a balance of $70,511.20 currently exists.  A change in bank name was noted from Commerce Bank to Metro Bank.  A motion by Jim Matscherz and seconded by Rob Reilley to accept the treasurer’s report.  Voice vote.  All ayes.

Monthly Reports – Region I – Rob Reilley – (Written Report Submitted) Presentation by Aspire Services on Air Infiltration and Blower Door Testing.  Region II – Cindy Cawley – (Written Report Submitted) Seminars included – Property Maintenance and Simpson Strong-Tie.  Region IV – Shawn Forrest – (Verbal only) Presentation by Power Fasteners.   Region V – Jeff Shultz – (verbal only) roundtable discussion on code changes.  Region VI – Jim Matscherz (verbal only) – residential sprinkler discussion and educational seminars.

ICC Relations – Cindy Davis reported - The new “Green Building Code” has been unveiled.  Also, Building Safety Week has been expanded to Building Safety Month.  Final Action Hearings to be held May 15-23 in Dallas, Texas.  A reminder was given to local chapters to complete the Chapter President’s Reports by June 1.  Meeting to be held in the PEMA building in Harrisburg at 10:00 A. M. on April 16, 2010 - how to best offset spreading of potentially false information from groups in opposition to new IRC sprinkler code.  Later that same day at 1:00 P.M., meetings continue with various industry representatives.  PABCO government affairs committee to support common position paper.  Motion by John Eby and seconded by Mark Richter to authorize a position paper to curb Home Builders spreading misinformation and accept codes as adopted and create clear intent on standard positions.  Members of BOD appointed to this committee are: Shawn Forrest, Keith Place, Craig Hynes and Cindy Davis.  Region 7 news – John Eby reported that no code changes submitted yet and a conference call and one face to face meeting to be held before November to discuss potential code changes. 

Website Communication – Updates  include regional officers will be a click away from placing information on website and a form will be distributed by Gil to each region for input.  Other ideas included an ICC code page ,education page and the ability of each region to provide updates.  Rich Barton suggested that the conference information be placed on the site as soon as possible.  A motion by John Eby and seconded by Jeff Shultz that a postings policy with regional president and secretary or designee to have authority to place items on Website. Voice vote, all ayes.  

The following ideas were incorporated into a motion by Keith Place and seconded by Cindy Cawley, voice vote all ayes.  A BOD ICC representative will also be authorized to place items on the website.  Job postings (help wanted) will not have a fee.  Municipalities and 3rd parties if affiliated with PennBOC will also not be charged.  If municipalities and 3rd parties are not affiliated then a $45.00 fee will be charged.  The above policies and motion are as of April 8, 2010 and all other policies are rescinded.  Gil will be the clearinghouse and screener.  Commercial advertisement is approved if member or associate member.  A motion by John Eby and seconded by Cindy Cawley to develop corporate membership criteria for a corporate sponsorship rule to allow postings on the website for $300.00 or more per year.  Tracking by Gil.  Voice vote, all ayes.   A motion by John Eby and seconded by Bob Smith to draft a bylaws amendment consideration to create a corporate classification.  Voice vote, all ayes.  Both actions enable a link to the corporate sponser’s/member’s website.

Annual Conference – A contract is in place for the Seven Springs site and Gil to schedule a conference committee meeting.  Other discussion included the acceptance by ICC of C.E.U.’s.  PennBOC to approach L&I to ensure we are a qualified provider.  The four important criteria to be included in the education requirements are:  Date, Location, Title (code it refers to) and amount of contact hours.  Conference sites were discussed for the year 2011.  They include – Ski liberty, Holiday Inn East and Holiday Inn Grantville – all in central PA.

Education Committee – Steve Bielskie reported via Shawn that the pilot course in field training has been completed.  Statewide Education Programs need to move ahead for code updates with potential to be presented on or before September 2010.  Conference training is unscheduled at this time.  Regions I and II to perhaps combine for code update training. 

Constitution / Bylaws Committee – no information

Strategic Planning Committee – Philip to distribute emails to other members and encourage participation.  Report to follow.

Policy on trading tuition for facility use – A motion by John Eby and seconded by Mark Richter that establishes past practice that host facility to get 1 free tuition.  Voice vote, all ayes.

Audit Committee – A motion by Bob Smith and seconded by Fred Kinder to accept report and implement recommendations.  Voice vote, all ayes.  A separate committee to review RFP’s and an adhoc  committee to be used for separate services.  Members to include – Cindy Cawley, Dave Knox, Khervin Smith, Cindy Davis and Philip Roeder.

Old Business – The PAFCO MOU is in process and Mark Richter to attend meeting at PAFCO.

New Business – Cindy Davis stated as ICC staff member, PennBOC needs a stronger voice in the State Legislature.  A request by Bob Smith for audit and treasurer’s  report to be submitted prior to meeting.

The next BOD meeting is July 8th at 10:00 A.M. at Bob Evan, Carlisle.  Meeting adjourned at 2:15.

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