1/14/10 BOD Meeting Minutes



JANUARY 14, 2010


President’s call to Order – 10:00 A.M.

Roll Call of Board of Director’s Members –

Region I – Paul Purtell

Rob Reilley

Keith Place

James Lucas

Richard Barton

Region II – Philip Roeder

Region IV – Shawn Forrest

Steve Bielskie

Region V – Jeff Shultz

Tim Stout

Bob Greene

Mark Richter

John Eby

Region VI – Cindy Davis

Fred Kinder

David Knox

Mike Como

Jim Matscherz

Robert John Smith

ICC – Roland Hall

Meeting with Success – Gil Longwell

Council – Khervin Smith


Region V – Russ Yinger

Minutes – The three sets of minutes from the following meetings were approved – October 7, 2009 – BOD meeting &October 7, 2009 – General Membership meeting &October 9, 2009 – BOD meeting.  A motion was made by Dave Knox and seconded by Mark Richter for the October 7th meeting minutes.  Voice vote, all ayes.  A motion was made by Jeff Shultz and seconded by Fred Kinder for approval of the October 9th meeting minutes.  Voice vote, all ayes.  Please note the General Membership meeting minutes will need to be approved at the 2010 Annual Conference.

Treasurer’s Report – Mike Como presented the treasurer’s report.

A motion by Bob Greene and seconded by Steve Bielskie to accept the report.  Voice vote, all ayes.

Region Reports -          

Region I  Rob Reilley reported.

Region II – no report.

Region IV – Steve Bielskie reported.

Region V – Jeff Shultz reported.

Region IV – Jim Matscherz reported.

Committee Reports – ICC Relations – Roland Hall reported on chapter benefits, a chapter seminar benefit was reinstated with a 50% discount.  Another benefit under development is a scholarship fund to assist members in attending the conference with matching funds from the regions.  Details are not available yet.  The annual ICC conference dates are October 24-27 2010 in Charlotte, North Carolina.  Ballots have been distributed by mail for bylaws changes initiated at the 2009 Baltimore MD conference.  John Eby reported that an upcoming meeting is to take place in Hagerstown to discuss code change process and for code change proposals.  He urged the group to submit any changes they may have.  The Region 7 representatives are: Jeff Frazier – CBO, John Eby – PennBOC, Don Forry – Lancode, Jeff Gentile – PACO.  Mike Como questioned Roland on the possibilities of purchasing the IRC plumbing code only in lieu of purchasing the entire book.  Roland advised that a license to reprint might be an alternative.

Government Relations – Shawn reported the adoption of the 2009 codes by the state legislature and the threat of a looming injunction to reverse the adoption.


Web Communication and Newsletter – The updated website is close to finalization.  Shawn reported that a request for member information will need to come from a regional officer.  John Eby reported on the newsletter – he urged the regions to submit information to be used for the newsletter.  The committee to continue to work on the website.

Membership -          

Region  I – 101

Region II – 86

Region IV – 24

Region V – 91

Region VI – 95

Out of state – 5

Total – 402


Annual Conference – The conference committee reported that Shawn, Dave, Fred and Gil visited the Seven Springs Mountain Resort and recommended the conference be held there.  The address of the conference site is as follows: Seven Springs Mountain Resort, 777 Water Wheel Drive, Seven Springs, PA 15622.  The annual conference will be held on October 12-15th.  A motion by Rob Reilley and seconded by John Eby to authorize the committee to finalize preparations and sign the contract with Seven Springs when they are satisfied that it addresses Pennboc’s needs.  Voice vote, all ayes. Also, the committee is sending information out to various groups for the 2010 conference.  Gil reported on the 2009 conference results and tabulated an approximately $41.00 profit per member.  Also, the committee is sending information out to various groups for the 2010 conference.  A motion to hold the 2011 conference in the Harrisburg area was made by Bob Greene and seconded by John Eby.  Voice vote, all ayes.

Education Committee – John Eby reported the education pilot program to be held at the Northampton Community College in Bethlehem, PA has five applicants. This education is to be held on January 26, 28 and February 2, 4.  The trainers are Randy Gillespie, Steve Bielskie and Shawn Mc Glenn. Allegheny Community College is the next possible site.  Future series to be IRC plumbing, mechanical, and electrical codes.  Khervin commented to the BOD that PennBOC’s interests should be protected and that the information presented might need to be copyrighted.   To date, the agreement with NCC is one that provides no changes by NCC without PennBOC approval.  The copyrighting idea is to be taken back to NCC since the material is unique and provides a unique field of knowledge.  Additionally, PennBOC needs to be on an educator provider list and recognized by L&I.

Education  - State wide training for residential sprinklers was supported by the BOD.  PennBOC to possibly co-sponsor this education with PAFCO and NFSA.  A motion by John Eby and seconded by Dave Knox to pursue a partnership with these groups.  Voice vote, all ayes.  Code update education with assistance from PHRC to go to committee.  A motion for support was made by Mark Richter and seconded by Bob Greene.  Voice vote, all ayes.

Constitution – Bylaws – no action taken.

Strategic Long-Term Planning – This is a new committee without a permanent name as of yet.  The members are as follows: John Eby, Shawn Forrest, Philip Roeder, Dave Knox, Steve Bielskie and Cindy Davis.

Budget Report – John Eby reported a proposed total income of $73,000 and total expenses of $73,000 for the 2010 year budget.  A motion by John Eby and seconded by Mark Richter to approve the budget.  Voice vote, all ayes.

Additionally, each region is to be supported with bonding if they participate with regional financial reports.

Old Business – Audit clarification submitted by Gil but not yet reviewed.

New Business – A motion was made by John Eby and seconded by Dave Knox to establish direct billing for phone use. Voice vote, all ayes.

Legal Issues – After some discussion, it was decided that Khervin Smith is to continue to attend all BOD meetings and an agenda item is to be added to enable a bundling of legal issues that may need legal opinions for the early part of the meeting in order to have Khervin’s time be more productive and perhaps provide an earlier departure.

The following BOD meeting dates were established for the remainder of 2010.  April 8, July 8, September 9 and October 13, 2010.  A motion to accept the dates was made by Dave Knox and seconded by Robert smith.  Voice vote, all ayes.  A motion by John Eby and seconded by Paul Purtell to appoint Jim Lucas as a delegate for PFEI with Mark Richter as an alternate.

Adjournment – A motion by Fred Kinder and seconded by Paul Purtell to adjourn at 1:35 P. M.

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