10/7/09 & 10/9/09 BOD Mins



OCTOBER 7, 2009



Call to order – The meeting was called to order at 8:00 A. M.


Pledge of Allegiance

Roll Call

Region I – Rob Reilley

Paul Purtell

Keith Place

Region II – Cindy Cawley

Philip Roeder

Region IV – Shawn Forrest

Steve Bielskie

Region V – Jeff Shultz

John Eby

Bob Greene

Region VI – Jim Matscherz

Rob Smith

Fred Kinder

Cindy Davis

Council – Khervin Smith

Jim Lucas

Region V – Russ Yinger

Tim Stout

Mark Richter

Region VI – Dave Knox

Mike Como

Meeting with Success – Gil Longwell

Minutes – A motion was made by Cindy Cawley and seconded by Rob Smith to approve the September 10, 2009 minutes.  Voice vote, all ayes.

Treasurer’s – A motion was made to approve the report by Jim Matscherz and seconded by Rob Reilley.  Voice vote, all ayes.

Committee Reports – ICC relations – John Eby reported on updated conference ideas – bus trip information to be found on PCCA website and registration can be done up to five days before the ICC conference.

Government relations – Cindy Davis reported on voting change procedures for ICC BOD and that Region 7 is in favor of block voting.

Shawn reported that after a statewide conference call a resolution was drafted and signed by eleven members.  Shawn also spoke about the testimony presented and that the Fire Code officers were well represented.  PennBOC opposes the current senate bill to abolish residential sprinkler systems.

Membership – no updates.

Education – Steve Bielskie reported that he is working with members of his group to assist in the education of new inspectors.  The two parts of the plan are to provide training in a classroom setting and then team up with an inspector in the field with the use of a check list.  Also reported was the first training is to be with the residential code and he is checking with ICC for testing opportunities when a student completes the program.  Northampton Community College representative is Tom Barnowski.  The cost of the program is to be determined.  The three instructors are:  Steve Bielskie, John Eby and Randy Gillespie.  The program hopefully will be tied in with the construction management program already in place.

Constitution and Bylaws – The policy for the $10.00 reimbursement is to continue.  John Eby reported a need to simplify way to amend the by-laws.  Motion made by John Eby and seconded by Jeff Shultz to amend the bylaws as proposed.  Voice vote, all ayes.

The next BOD meeting is January 14, 2010 at Bob Evans, Carlisle, PA

The next meeting will provide discussion on Website updates.

Adjournment – Motion was made by Jeff Shultz and seconded by Steve Bielskie.  Voice vote, all ayes.

The time was 9:00 A. M.









OCTOBER 9, 2009




Call to Order – The meeting was called to order by President Shawn Forrest at 7:19 A.M.


Roll Call –

Region I – Rob Reilley

Richard Barton

Region II – Cindy Cawley

Philip Roeder

Region IV – Shawn Forrest

Region V – Cindy Davis

Jeff Shultz

John Eby

Robert Smith

Fred Kinder

Bob Greene

Region VI - Jim Matscherz

ICC – Domenic Sims

ICC – Roland Hall

Meetings with Success – Gil Longwell

Absent - Region I – Paul Purtell

Keith Place

Jim Lucas

Region – IV – Steve Bielskie

RegionV – Russ Yinger

Tim Stout

Mark Richter

Region VI – Mike Como

Dave Knox

This PennBOC meeting was held on the last day of the 2009 conference.


Domenic Sims began the conversation on residential sprinkler systems proposals currently in debate in the PA Legislature.  The review of the fee schedule by the legislature is in subcommittee. 


John Eby asked Domenic Sims to develop programs to meet the needs of the membership and to remain affordable to ICC Chapters.  Mr. Sims responded that chapter membership ideas are under discussion.  Ideas expressed involved joining with other like groups for Conferences.  Further questions to Mr. Sims included testing preparation and paper and pencil tests.  Mr. Sims responded with the challenges of how many times a particular test is offered in one year and the scheduled test dates corresponding with test preparation.

Shawn discussed two additional points: Irv Spoonhour was suspending efforts to offer code updates.  PCCA is moving ahead with this training.  A decision needs to be made on conference dates before the January meeting.  Gil has contacted the Pittsburgh Convention and Vistors Bureau and urged coordination between members for same.  Conference and Membership committees to meet before the January BOD meeting.  The annual conference time of the year is to remain the same, the third week in October.

Adjournment was at 7:55 A.M..

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