9/10/09 BOD Meeting Minutes



SEPTEMBER 10, 2009



Call to Order

The meeting was called to order at 10:00 A. M.


Pledge of Allegiance and Invocation

After the Pledge of Allegiance, Gil Longwell gave the Invocation


Roll Call

Region I Richard Barton

Region II Philip A. Roeder

Cindy Cawley

Region IV Shawn Forrest

Steve Bielskie

Region V Jeff Shultz

John Eby

Tim Stout

Mark Richter

RegionVI Mike Como

Jim Matscherz

Bob Smith

Fred Kinder

Bob Greene

Council – Khervin Smith

Meetings with Success – Gil Longwell

ICC Representative – Roland Hall

Absent - Region I Jim Lucas

Paul Purtell

Keith Place

Rob Reilley

Region VI Cindy Davis

Dave Knox

Region V Russ Yinger


The previous meeting minutes were unanimously approved.


Treasurer’s Report

Mike Como reported a need to receive the necessary documents prior to the meeting to provide time for a proper review.  The treasurer’s report reflects 2009 dues amounts.  The legal fees reflected in the report were for the past 18 months. The need for quarterly legal expense invoicing was noted.  Motion made by Cindy Cawley and seconded by Bob Greene to accept the report.  Voice vote, all ayes.

Committee Reports

ICC Relations – John Eby reported for Cindy Davis, there have been numerous requests for candidate support for the ICC election.  Bill Dupler, Guy Tomberlin, Ron Piester and Tina Rakes were all given support by the BOD.  Motion made by Cindy Cawley and seconded by John Eby to send letter of support to Domenic Sims of ICC for the above candidates.  Motion made by John Eby and seconded by Mark Richter to authorize $2000.00 support for the ICC Region 7 Conference hospitality.  Voice vote, motion carries with the following nay votes – Bob Smith, Fred Kinder, Jim Matscherz, Jeff Shultz and Mike Como.  John Eby asked for support for ICC Conference policy to be developed for reimbursement for a regional delegate or regional officer – committee formed for same – John Eby, Steve Bielskie and Shawn Forrest.  Motion made by Cindy Cawley and seconded by John Eby to form three state chapter seats on Region 7 board.  Voice vote, all ayes.

Government Relations – Roland Hall advised – to ensure while registering for conference, to be named as a voter on the voter record.

L&I Review Advisory Council – John Eby and Mark Richter to attend next meeting.

Communication – Shawn reported on statewide conference call – committee formed to issue a statement as a group of code officials to support sprinkler legislation.  Letter to be sent.

Membership – Gil reported – no changes.  Domenic Sims to attend our annual conference without cost to PennBOC.

Education – Steve Bielskie was appointed as new chair of the education committee and he along with Randy Gillespie and Shawn have been meeting for this purpose.  Plans for Fall 09 training for code updates with Irv Spoonhour are being finalized.

Constitution and By-Laws – no report

Audit Committee – Mike Como reported findings are delayed and committee member Cindy Davis was not present.

Web Committee – no report.

Region Reports

I – no report, II – Cindy Cawley reported, IV – no report,  V – Jeff Shultz reported, VI – Jim Matscherz reported.

Old Business

MOU with PAFCO – John Eby continues his efforts.

Northampton CC – see above notation

Establishing Guidelines for Posting Emails – Gil reported that vendor, Rob Teple of Forego Systems,  provided a rating of our website with a below average rating.  Motion made by John Eby and seconded by Bob Greene to provide an amount not to exceed $6000.00 for direction to vendor “Rob” to provide the necessary updates.

Newsletter Status – no reports

PSAB – meeting to be set with director, Shawn and Gil to attend.

New Business

Budget Committee – New members – Bob Greene, Mark Richter, John Eby, Rick Barton and Jeff Shultz.

Dues Fees for 2010 –Local Chapter’s to submit report and proposed budgets for reimbursement.  The report is an IRS requirement and needed for bonding.  There will be no dues increase for 2010.  Motion made by John Eby and seconded by Cindy Cawley to continue reimbursement of $10.00 of $45.00 dues to local chapters, subject to receipt of above mentioned information.  Voice vote, all ayes.

Education Chair – Steve Bielskie was appointed.

Website – see Establishing…above.



Good of the Order

The next regular BOD meeting will be held on January 14, 2010 in Carlisle.  The Conference meeting will be held at Holiday Inn East. 4751 Lindle Rd., Harrisburg, PA 17111 on October 7, 2009 at 8:00 P.M.


Meeting adjourned at 2:00 P.M.

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