7/9/09 BOD Meeting Minutes

Pennsylvania Building Officials Conference

Board of Directors Meeting

July 9, 2009

Bob Evans, Carlisle, PA


Call to Order

The meeting was called to order at 10:00 A.M.


Pledge of Allegiance and Invocation – After the Pledge of Allegiance, Gil Longwell


Roll Call

Region I

Paul Purtell

Robert Reilley

Keith Place

Region II

Philip A. Roeder

Steve Recchio

Region VI

Mike Como

Cindy Davis

Jim Matscherz

Dave Knox

Region V

Jeff Schultz

Tim Stout

Mark Richter

John Eby

Counsel – Khervin D. Smith

Meetings with Success – Gil Longwell

ICC – Roland Hall

Absent –

Jim Lucas

Robert Greene

Robert Smith

Fred Kinder

Richard Barton

Shawn Forrest

Russ Yinger

Cindy Cawley

Steve Bielskie

Note:  Dave Knox conducted the meeting in absence of President Shawn Forrest


Motion made by Tim Stout and seconded by Keith Place to accept the minutes of the April 9th meeting.  Voice vote, all ayes.

Treasurer’s Report

Mike Como presented the report.  Gil Longwell commented that dues are down due to the calendar part of the year.  Motion made by Mark Richter and seconded by Paul Purtell to approve the report.  Voice vote, all ayes. 

Committee Reports

ICC Relations –

Roland Hall reported on ICC relations.  Further cut backs are not anticipated.  Also, an energy bill in the house, when passed, will provide funds for local building departments.

Nominations for Chapter of the Year are being sought.  Code hearings schedule is to be posted in August and the general agenda is already set.

Government Relations –

The next meeting for ICC Region 7 is set for September and John Eby reported that four representatives for executive delegates would be chosen.  John will draft the delegate list.

Communications and Website –

John Eby requests members for a newsletter committee and he also encourages regions to update the website.  Further discussion ensued on website updating.  John suggested that possibly three or more hierarchies could be used to gain access to the website in various capacities.  John will write procedures for the Communication Committee.  Additional discussion included ideas of posting “help wanted ads” and procedural order.  All ideas were validated by BOD members.

Gil addressed the committee with updates to the website and provided the name of the new provider – Forego Systems.  Further interaction with the committee will be needed when determining costs of improvements.

Cindy Davis and Mark Richter have been appointed as delegates for the Pennsylvania Fire & Emergency Services Institute.

Motion was made by Rob Reilley to table discussion on chapter delegates endorsements until all letters have been received.  Seconded by Mark Richter.  Voice vote, all ayes.


Membership –

Region 1 – 150

Region 2 – 171

Region 4 – 34

Region 5 – 117

Region 6 – 117

Out of State            6

Total                595

A new form was introduced to be completed by regions for IRS and reimbursement requirements.

Annual Conference –

Gil stated that preparations are moving ahead.  The location is Holiday Inn East in Harrisburg, PA. on Oct. 7, 8, & 9.


Dave Knox reported that Mike Landis has stepped down as Education Chair and a new chair is being sought.  A resolution of appreciation for past efforts to be sent to Mike.

Constitution and By-laws –

John Eby expressed concerns about the length of time for change to take place.  The consensus among the members was to present this idea at the conference.  The by-laws committee to work on the wording.  Motion made by Mark Richter to provide a resolution for the ICC conference to be held in Atlantic City, New Jersey in 2013.  Seconded by John Eby.  Voice vote, all ayes.

Discussion by Gil regarding suggestions by accountant for IRS compliance resulted with Khervin Smith urging the BOD to provide for records retention.

Audit Committee –

Cindy Davis provided a full report to the BOD with a list of suggestions and requirements.

Region Reports

Regions I and II provided verbal reports to be submitted in writing.  Regions IV and V had no report.

Old Business

John Eby will provide link with PAFCO.

Gil reported a meeting took place with Northampton Community College to promote “hands on skills” inspection.  Work on curriculum development and course content to be completed.  Next meeting to be held on July 29th.

Establishing Guidelines for posting emails – no information.

New Business

Motion by Keith Place for Shawn and Cindy Davis to draft letter to PABCO to support a collaborative effort to support sprinkler legislation.  Seconded by Mark Richter.  Voice vote, all ayes.  The consensus was to agree to work as a coalition and the coalition to take credit for efforts and credit not to be given to individual associations.

Motion by John Eby to draft letter on Pennboc letterhead thanking John Landis for his dedicated service.  Seconded by Paul Purtell.  Voice vote, all ayes.


Good of Order

Advisory council to meet to submit legislation information on L&I website.


Next meeting is scheduled for September 10 at Holiday Inn – conference site.  Meeting was adjourned at 1:10. 

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