4/9/09 BOD Meeting Minutes



APRIL 9, 2009


Call to Order

The meeting was called to order at 10:00A.M.

Pledge of Allegiance and Invocation – After the Pledge of Allegiance, Gil Longwell gave the Invocation.

Roll Call

Shawn Forrest, President

Richard Barton, Past President

Region I

James Lucas

Keith Place

Region II

Philip Roeder

Cindy Cawley

Region VI

Bob Smith

Fred Kinder

Cindy Davis


Mark Richter

Jeff Shultz

Mike Landis

John Eby

Bob Greene

Khervin Smith

Gil Longwell – Meetings with Success

Larry Christy – PA Association of Fire Code Officials

A quorum was declared

Treasurer’s Report

PennBOC currently has 555 members.  An Audit committee was established and the members are:

Mike Como

Bob Greene

Cindy Davis

Gil Longwell presented a handout on “Conflicts of Interest” and a profit and Loss Statement with a net income of $9,318.04.  Discussion began on the 990 EZ – information Return Form.  Khervin Smith advised to have Gil fill out form since he knows the workings of the organization.  A motion by John Eby and seconded by Mark Richter to have Gil complete the form and the president and the secretary to review before submittal.  Voice vote, all ayes.  A motion by Rich Barton and seconded by Mark Richter to accept the Treasurer’s report.  Voice vote, all ayes.

Larry Christy of PA Association of Fire Code Officials was welcomed by Shawn Forrest.  Mr. Christy’s report mentioned their organization currently has 53 members and intend to provide sprinkler system training in the western part of the state and the potential to provide training for fire code enforcement at the annual conference.  A motion was made by Mark Richter and seconded by John Eby to develop a memo of understanding to promote a mutual interest between PennBOC and the PA Association of Fire Code Officials.  Voice vote, all ayes.

Committee Reports

Region II – written report

Region IV – written report

Region V – written report

Cindy Davis reported for ICC news and stated the ICC remains in a financial struggle with a budget that was 78 million and has been reduced to 52 million and the code change process needs to address energy conservation.  Also, a prize is to be awarded in Baltimore for volunteer work.

Government Relations – John Eby stated that a newsletter needs to be developed with help from the Pa Association of Fire Code Officials before the conference and sent to members and non-members to bolster attendance.  Gil Longwell stated that a hard copy of the newsletter also needs to be sent to members of the General Assembly.  A deadline for the newsletter was set for April 24th, 09.  A request was made to have local regions submit current news to John Eby.

Communications – Bob smith and John Eby urged local regions to update the state website.  A motion was made by Mark Richter and seconded by Cindy Davis to have Larry Christy collaborate on website information.  Voice vote, all ayes.

Conference Committee appointments –

Dick Bozdar

Charlie Carpenter

Jeff Shultz

Fred Kinder

Cindy Cawley

Frank Grantolla

Gil Longwell

Mark Richter

Constitution and By-laws – no information

Old Business

A solicitation of local chapters has been forwarded by Pabco.  The BOD consensus was to show PennBOC members we are here for them and that Pabco does not provide training.  The following points were made regarding an E-mail link and website development:  The email system should have three categories – members list, municipalities list and a legislative list.  A consideration was noted to revamp the look of the PennBOC website.  Additional issues noted are:  content, policy, technological ability and decision making.  A list box account is to be set up by “Bridget” with Shawn Forrest as administrator.  A web committee was established with members:

Bob Smith

Mark Richter

John Eby

Shawn Forrest

Gil Longwell reported that PennBOC should develop discussions with Pennsylvania Association of Boroughs.  They will be asked to attend our next meeting.

The ICC certification deadline of April 9, 2009 was noted.

New Business

Khervin Smith advised the BOD on current 501c tax status and that this status works best for PennBOC and no benefit exists at this time to change the status.  Cindy Davis with Mark Richter as an alternate to act a liaison and send a letter to related organizations to promote PennBOC. 


Directive to secretary to forward minutes, region reports, budgets and agendas via e-mail for all future meetings.

A request was made by John Eby to have someone attend a PHRC – Industry Advisory Council meeting on April 24th in State College.


Next meeting is scheduled for July 9th at Bob Evans, Carlisle, PA  Meeting was adjourned at 1:54 P.M.

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