1/9/09 BOD Meeting Minutes

Pennsylvania Building Officials Conference

BOD Meeting

January 8, 09

Bob Evans, Carlisle, PA


Call to Order

The meeting was called to order by President Shawn Forrest at 10:05 A. M.

Pledge of Allegiance and Invocation

Pledge not recited due to lack of flag.  Gil Longwell gave the invocation.


Roll Call

Shawn Forrest, President

Richard Barton, Past President

Region I

Paul Purtell

Jim Lucas

Keith Place

Rob Reilley

Region II

Cindy Cawley

Philip Roeder

Region IV

Steve Bielskie

Region V

Russ Yinger

Bob Greene

Jeff Schultz

John Eby

Region VI

Mike Como

Jim Matscherz

Cindy Davis

Also present:

Gil Longwell, Meeting with Success

Khervin Smith

A quorum was declared


A motion was made by Cindy Cawley and seconded by Steve Bielskie to approve the minutes of the October 22, 2008 BOD meeting as presented.  Voice vote, all ayes.

Treasurer's Report

The treasurer's report was submitted by Mike Como.  Gil Longwell submitted a Profit and Loss Statement with a net income of $15,859.31.  A motion was made by John Eby and seconded by Paul Purtell to accept the Treasure’s report as submitted.  Voice vote, all ayes.

Committee Reports

ICC Relations-Shawn Forrest yielded to Cindy Davis.  ICC report related financial issues and problems.  Chapter benefit has been looked at and is under a revenue downturn.  The budget impact was greater than expected due to how cyclical code administration is and the downturn of inspectors work, lack of purchasing code books and services.  Discussion ensued on topic of whether or not to accept current code changes.  Result of discussion was a motion by Jim Matscherz and seconded by John Eby to support code changes by the ICC.  Voice vote, all ayes.

Government Relations – The newsletter discussion was tabled.

Communication – none

Membership – Reported by Gil Longwell –Region I – 85

                                                                          II – 94

                                                                         IV – 26

                                                                         V - 62

                                                                         VI – 68

                                                            Out of State – 6

Total of 341

Annual Conference – This year’s conference to be held at the Holiday Inn Harrisburg – East.  Conference report was submitted with a net profit of $12,695.98.

Education – A need was expressed for each region to assist John Landis on the education committee.  Cindy Cawley from Region II, Steve Bielskie from region IV, Jim Matscherz from region VI and Rob Reilley from Region I, all offered to assist.

Committees- Audit- Cindy Cawley and Mike Como

Finance – Gil Longwell, Cindy Cawley and Shawn Forrest


Region Reports

Region I – written report

            II – verbal report

            IV – written report

            V – verbal report

            VI – written report

Old Business

Truss Technology Workshop Agreement –to be placed on agenda for next meeting.  Agreement to be review by Khervin Smith.  Gil Longwell reported that the scholarship program has been discontinued and could be reestablished with the right safeguards.  Also, the letter sent to the governor’s office for appointment on the advisory board was acknowledged.  Khervin Smith advised the board to “write out” a narrative of what the organization did for the last tax year, to be submitted for our next meeting as part of the tax form 990.  The submission cutoff date is May 15, 2009.

Trial membership with PABCO – follow-up given by John Eby.  Discussion ensued regarding joining forces with PABCO.  Khervin Smith suggested contacting state legislators who are key committee people at L&I to ask for support for Pennboc.  A  motion by John Eby and seconded by Cindy Cawley to authorize at an hourly rate, for Gil Longwell to assist Shawn Forrest with contacts at the state level and have them consider our candidate.  Voice vote, all ayes.  A motion was made by Keith Place and seconded by John Eby for Cindy Davis to share membership lists for mutual benefits and be able to solicit members, to eventually combine Pennboc, Pabco and state fire chapter officials to form a coalition.  Voice vote, all ayes.

New Business

Motion made by John Eby and seconded by Cindy Davis to authorize expenditures not to exceed $1000.00 for our web service contractor to create a newsletter and improved email link to all members.  Voice vote, all ayes.  Motion made by John Eby and seconded by Cindy Cawley to communicate to our web site contractor to develop an hourly and lump sum estimate for web site upgrades.  Voice vote, all ayes.  Motion by Cindy Davis and seconded by Paul Purnell to develop a reciprocal agreement to share membership in order to honor a request from PSEO.  Also, an invitation from Cindy Davis to be extended to Larry Christi to attend our next meeting.



Good of the Order



Next meeting date is April 9th at Bob Evans, Carlisle, PA.

Meeting was adjourned at approximately 2:00 P.M.

Respectfully submitted,

Philip Roeder


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